We have a rewarding opportunity for an experienced, motivated and interactive individual to join our clients team as an Administrator responsible for resident welfare, supporting community residents' welfare and well-being in a diverse, multi-cultural community.


Who are we?

Our client is a residential provider, enabling vulnerable people within the community to have safe housing in a secure, managed environment.

Role Overview:

As a Resident Welfare Administrator, you will champion the welfare of our diverse community's residents and play a key role in fostering a harmonious and supportive environment for them.


The position requires a high degree of understanding and commitment to the multi-cultural residents. The prime consideration, at all times, must be for the welfare and wellbeing of the residents. This position requires a high degree of professionalism. Confidentiality with regard to residents and staff is most important.


The successful candidate must have the ability to work with vulnerable people and those with a disability and must believe that the person has the right to live and participate in the community equally with other people. The Resident Welfare Administrator, in co-operation with the Management Team will be responsible for the overall growth and direction of the residents.


The person appointed must be highly responsible and reliable, be competent in household management and have the ability to create and maintain a homely and supportive environment. The position requires a maturity enabling the person to resolve conflict and can understand and empower people with sometimes quite divergent points of view. 


The person appointed should be flexible in their approach to service provision and should have the ability to lead and work as a member of a team. They will be required to take an active part in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the Service reflect the ethos and vision of the Centre. They will be required, whilst setting a personal example by attitude, conduct, practice and leadership style to carry out the duties of the post outlined hereafter.



  • Sensitively dealing with the needs of multi-cultural groups.

  • Community engagement.

  • Liaising with State agencies and Non-Governmental bodies.

  • Ensuring a high standard of customer service.

  • Preparation of reports and maintenance of records.

  • Assisting with job placement.

  • Point of contract for resident queries.


Applicant Requirements:

  • A Level 7 – BA in Social Care Studies or equivalent qualification in Social Science or Mediation is desirable.

  • Experience in dispute resolution is desirable.

  • Have 2+ years experience of working with multi-cultural groups. 

  • Have an understanding of current policy and developments at national and sectoral level in relation to reception and integration centres.

  • Effective interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills.

  • Proficient IT skills relevant to the role, to include Microsoft Office Excel, Word, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

  • Have a proven track record with providing high quality customer service.

  • Have excellent administrative skills to include report writing and record keeping.

  • Ideally, the applicant has two spoken languages.

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